Meeting Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Opening Inspirational Story

Was delivered by Michael Mahoney - a story about a salesman in Jos A Bank who made what he thought was a very big sale to a man who needed a new wardrobe for a business meeting. After which, his manager asked if he heard the customer say "no". He hadn't. A reminder that what we consider excessive may not be what the client considers excessive. Push through to NO. Then you KNOW.

Gail Nickse encouraged us to include a "no" story in our 45 seconds. Interesing pitches ensued.


  • Lawrence Sudweeks, SendOut Cards, a member of BNI in Chubbuck, Iowa
  • Susan-Lee DaSilva, of CruiseOne, independent cruise and travel specialist
  • Wesley Trice, Bayada Nursing subbed for Jim Michals

10-MINUTE SPEAKERS -- now on video!!!

  • Matt Honan (Honan Sign Co) showed us much of his interesting work, and spoke about his process.
  • Desiré D'Agostino (, Coply Health Alliance, Back Bay Accupuncture) let us know detailed information about the warning signs and lack of warning signs that accompany alignment problems and what you can do about it.
  • Both 10-minute presentations are available to watch on video. Click the links and enjoy!


Sue Symonds announced the time and place of our donated headshots (thank you Infinity Portrait Studio) for this blog. The pot luck byob studio event will take place at her studio in Beacon Hill at 59 Beacon Street this Thursday night, July 14, starting at 4pm. and going until 9 pm

    Closing Inspirational Quote

    Also from Mike Mahoney: Remember that the way to the diamond mine might be a dirt road.

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