Jim Infantino

Creative Dictator, SLABmedia

Jim Infantino

photo by Infinity Portraits

Jim began designing sites in 1996, as a graphic designer, knowing nothing about programming. Working with Web-Primitives in Cambridge, MA, he started to see the larger potential for web-standards based systems that were run by the site owners, not just their webmaster friends. Jim created the SLAB500 system in 2002 while trying to build an easy-to-edit-from-anywhere website for his musician friends. Having won a New England Web Award for his own band's website in 2000, he developed a website management system that was coherent, and integrated, and could be edited by anyone with any level of bandwidth and skill from the road or at home.


SLABmedia is dedicated to creating custom designed, easy to edit websites that are modular, easily indexed by the major search engines, reflect the soul of your business, and stay up to date. Our system is unique, and constantly evolving with the web's new innovations and trends. Social Networking, Search Engine Optimization, Statistics, can all be managed easily by anyone with enough knowledge to fill out a form online, as fast as it would take to send an email. We are located in Boston's South End, but work with clients throughout the world, as well as businesses in our home town.

Jim can be reached via Slabmedia

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