Tuesday July 19 Meeting

This week we celebrated the renewal of 5 members: Jim Hood, Mike Mahoney, Ed Wayland, Jim Michals and Doug Michals.

Wesley Trice of Bayada Nursing visited oncec again, subbing for Jim Michals.
Lisa DonFrancesco of Saint James Real Estate subbed for Tina Leung.
Andrew Bibas of the Law Offices of Marc Canner subbed for Marc.

Carmine Camerato of AlphaGraphics talked about the increasingly ubiquitous QR code -- that little black and white square that is seen on everything from posters to print ads to grave stones....and which can be read by your SmartPhone. The code leads you to a relevant website and much useful information. Carmine explained how to create these codes and gave examples of how they are being used to market all kinds of products and services. No doubt we will all be using QR codes in the future, if we aren't already.

We had difficulties with the video camera, and unfortunately did not capture Carmine's 10-minute presentation. However some members have offered their video cameras for our future meetings. Please bring them on Tuesday!

We are on pins and needles awaiting the arrival of Baby Infantino. (What an appropriate last name!) We wish Jim and his wife an easy and uneventful delivery.

Mike Mahoney closed the meeting with a quote that Danny Ruby had previously shared with us: "If you want to pay peanuts, hire a monkey."

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updated: 6 years ago